Doyle Palma is conveniently located 10 minutes from the port of Palma in a new custom designed 1555m2 loft fully equipped with XL sewing machines in swiveling pits, 1000 kilo crane, washing facility and storage for over 250 sails.

Doyle also offers pick up and delivery within the Port of Palma.


New Stratis ICE Race Jibs for Kenora

New Stratis ICE Race Jibs for Kenora

Wally 107, Kenora receives her new race jibs built in Stratis ICE:

Stratis ICE is an entirely new and unique UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene) fibre, developed by the Doyle Stratis team following market demand for a creep free and highly durable sail membrane. Exclusively licenced to Doyle for marine use, it exhibits similar properties to high modulus carbon, and is a derivative of Spectra.

Doyle Sails has spent years developing special adhesives and application techniques to turn this extraordinary fibre into a durable sail material. The fibre is ideal for use in the sail market as it exhibits very low stretch and creep, yet is lightweight, highly durable and resistant to UV and salt.

Stratis ICE provides weight reductions and elongation numbers equivalent to a sail made with 100 per cent standard modulus carbon, but without the durability issues that come with high carbon content laminates.

Results for Stratis ICE have shown the highest resistance to flex fatigue of any sail product, with Stratis ICE sails retaining their initial shape and speed longer than any other sail membrane. This allows the Doyle design team to engineer sails much closer to their work load, and avoid over-engineering them in anticipation of future flex fatigue.


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